Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of activities will AMSAW promote?

AMSAW will promote activities that are consistent with our threefold objective of faith, love and service. Activities may vary from chapter to chapter, depending on the needs of the university and the local community. Some examples of activities include: interfaith events, Holy Qur’an studies, career panels, community service events, study groups, and sister‐bonding activities.

How is AMSAW distinguished from other Muslim or religious organizations on campus?

AMSAW is a religious and professional organization for women only. We seek to promote principles that are in line with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, while also providing a safe space for women of all faiths. Though a Muslim organization may already exist on campus, it is important for universities to respect diverse religious perspectives, while also allowing members of traditionally underrepresented groups, including women and religious minorities, to have their own creative space.

Why does AMSAW not allow men to join?

AMSAW seeks to promote principles in line with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, including encouraging modest interactions between men and women. Several studies have shown that accessing single‐sex space is especially important and beneficial for young women. Single‐sex spaces encourage young women to take more risks, express themselves, and develop their self‐ confidence and leadership capabilities. AMSAW seeks to promote all of these positive outcomes.

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